Production of engineering
and food technologies

Since then, it has been engaged in the custom production of machines and technological units, steel constructions and locksmith products, automation and control in industrial production, production of stainless steel interior decorative elements, spiral staircases, steel and stainless steel railings, design and implementation of fountains.


Production of machines
and technological units

Technological proposals, including production,
delivery and commissioning

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Technical consulting activity

We provide professional assistance and solutions for various technical problems. We analyze the customer's needs in order to design the optimal technical solution.

Projection activity

According to the customer's requirements, we will provide design and project activities. We will propose conceptual design, construction, production and operational documentation.

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Technological proposals, including production

and delivery and commissioning. We deal with the supply of turnkey technologies. Which means their production, delivery and commissioning in accordance with the relevant technical standards and regulations.

Welding of aluminum, stainless steel

and high-pressure pipe systems, production of heat exchangers. We perform welded joints of all steel and aluminum materials, high-pressure systems with pressure and X-ray tests.

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Design and production

of fountains, decorative interior elements, spiral staircases, steel and stainless steel railings. We have extensive experience and expertise in the field of fountains and interior design. The fountains realized by our company not only bring the user an aesthetic experience, but are also energy-saving and easy to operate. Railings made of polished or ground stainless steel benefit many customers from the ranks of citizens or companies such as banks, casinos or residential buildings.


Production of machines and technological units

Balsyr , Šelpice: proposal and production of a cheese slicing machine

Bryndziareň Turčiansky Martin: production of stainless steel containers for collecting milk, production of various stainless steel elements for the cheese production

Danone , Modranka: production and assembly of stainless steel pipelines , production of steel structures, production and assembly of stainless steel sewage systems

Dr. Oetker, Boleráz: production of food technological elements from stainless steel , production of spare parts, general repairs and modernization of packaging machines

Dr. Oetker, Boleráz: production of models and molds for casting aluminum and bronze spare parts with subsequent production

Farma Fresh , Majcichov: reconstruction of pipelines in the Majcichov dairy, complete production of milk intake, modernization of cooling

Hotel Irma, Piešťany: installation of stainless steel thermal water distribution in the spa house

Poultry farm Cífer: production of various stainless steel elements for sterile chicken packing areas

Ignis, Hlohovec: production of molds for gumming, production of insulated containers for paraffin

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